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David Neiman


David Neiman founded the practice in 2000, specializing in single family and multi-family housing uniquely adapted to the Northwest climate. David’s work is characterized by a particular focus on the design of homes that are authentic to their time and place, and configured to help build community among residents.

He is an active participant in development of public policy that governs neighborhood scale land use and zoning. He advocates for flexible land use policy that incentivizes innovation, quality design, and configuration that meets the needs of all citizens.

Before establishing his own practice in 2000, David worked at the Seattle office of NBBJ, specializing in large-scale public projects such as Safeco Field and the University of Washington Bothell Campus.


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Liz received her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati and studied urban planning in Denmark. She has experience in restaurant and hospitality design, as well as residential and higher education institutional projects. She is currently participating in the City of Seattle's Pilot Parklet Design program.

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sharon rubin


Born and raised in California's east bay area, Sharon received her Bachelor's of Architecture in 2015 at Carnegie Mellon University. There, she participated with the Urban Design Build Studio to work on projects focused on benefiting underserved communities in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2016, she moved to Seattle to join Neiman Taber Architects where she enjoys designing a wide variety of multi-family projects. Sharon recently became involved with Architects Without Borders and the BLOCK Project in 2018 and looks forward to continuing to serve the community around her. Sharon also enjoys spending her free time knitting, playing fastpitch, and hanging out with her dog, Maple.

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sari ellis


After growing up in upstate New York, Sari moved to Rhode Island to receive a Master’s degree in Architecture at Roger Williams University.  She has experience in hospitality design, educational renovations and multifamily developments.  She has an architecture license in New York and Hawaii.  In her free time she enjoys hiking, playing ultimate frisbee and eating.

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Stan Jaworowski


Stan’s studies in graphic design, cartography, and urban geography, together with a ten-year carpentry stint, converged to create a passion for exploring social and spatial relationships in architecture. For close to twenty years he designed and managed construction on large public projects, primarily for Washington state universities and community colleges.

He’s now pursuing his interest in affordable housing at Neiman Taber.  As with his prior experience, he enjoys the camaraderie that teamwork brings to understanding and balancing the needs of large, diverse groups of clients. For Stan, it’s an opportunity to work at a new scale with different types of construction, materials, and building program - and a way of further exploring the ideals that first brought him to design. 

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Kyle Jenkins




Meg Neiman is a three year old Lab. She enjoys sitting in on meetings and watching people sneeze.

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David Taber


David Taber began practicing architecture in Manhattan after receiving Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991.  As a designer and project architect at Gluckman Mayner Architects, David discovered his passion for designing custom single family residences.  Working closely with gifted designers, craftsmen and artisans encouraged him to explore and refine his understanding of materials, space and light.  Establishing relationships with internationally known artists, art collectors and design enthusiasts later proved beneficial, leading to future projects and collaborations.

During his time in Manhattan, Taber had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects including high end apartments, art galleries, historic restorations, island vacation homes, hotels, universities, and libraries.  Taber was the project architect for two AIA award winners:  The Robin Hood Foundation Library for PS192 Elementary School in Manhattan and the Noguchi Sculpture Garden Pavilion in Bridgehampton, NY. 

In 2005, Taber and his wife Iona moved to Upstate New York to start a family and open his own private practice, where he continued to work on residential projects throughout New York and Connecticut.

In 2012, Taber and his family relocated to Seattle to work with long-time friend and colleague David Neiman.  In 2013, Neiman Taber Architects was formed.  Taber spearheads the custom single family studio, while Neiman leads the efforts for multi-family projects.  Whether a high-end single family home or a budget driven addition, Taber continually strives for timeless, rational architecture enriched with flowing space, natural light and an inherent connection to its surroundings.

In addition to his architectural work, Taber maintains a lifelong interest in fine arts and furniture making. While in NYC, David founded a woodshop co-op for like-minded architectural colleagues, experimenting with materials, fabrication techniques and furniture design and construction.  Several of these explorations found their way into architectural projects and one-off furniture commissions. In Saratoga, Taber began a collaboration with NYC artist Fred Wilson on a custom furniture and art display system for the Tang Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.


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 Kyle grew up in Portland, OR before moving to Seattle. He received his Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Washington where he focused on conceptual design and history. Kyle has experience in high-end single family housing and commercial work. Prior to architecture he worked in forestation and salmon habitat restoration. Kyle is an avid runner and basketball fan who dreams of sitting courtside at NBA games.


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Wen Wu 


Born and raised in Harbin, China, Wen received her Bachelor of Architecture in HIT, and she earned a Master of Urban Design and Architecture in Columbia University in NYC. She has experience in residential, healthcare, and workplace design. She is interested in art, music and Chinese traditional instrument.

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Omnia Ibrahim





Maple Rubin

Maple is a four year old bichon/poodle. He enjoys smelling people's breath and rolling around on carpet textures.