Neiman Taber Architects

AM Rosen


AM Rosen Residence

Seattle, Wa

A new house on an infill lot on the Lake Union waterfront. Beginning with a lot just over 2,000 SF in size, with lot coverage limited by shoreline zoning and height allowances more restrictive than in typical residential zoning, the project squeezes a single family home and an artist's studio onto four floors, filling out the allowable lot coverage to the last square foot, and reaching to within an inch of the maximum height limit.

The project is constructed using a steel moment frame to maximize the openings one the front facade, taking advantage of the lake views with 17 foot wide fold/slide doors on two levels. Steel kickers spring from the moment frame to support an dramatic roof overhang, which shelters a deck suspended off the frame from a rod and clevis assembly.

The house is designed for universal access, featuring on-grade entries, an elevator, wide hallways and doors, and ADA bathrooms.

As featured in:  Infill, New Houses for Urban Sites

As featured in: Infill, New Houses for Urban Sites